About Idea Paper

Think for the Better

Because paper is the beginning of every Idea, we use paper to keep our thoughts, to express our feeling, and to share all knowledge. Paper is part of our life. SCG Packaging commits to develop better paper with innovation to serve your distinguished need perfectly and efficiently. Every Idea paper is developed under concept “Think for the Better”

Idea paper is one of SCG Packaging’s products. SCG Packaging, under Siam Cement Group, is fully integrated paper business, starting from forestry, pulp production, paper production, paper packaging, security printing, and shredding business. SCG Packaging commits to develop new products and services with value added and provide customer needs with environmental friendly concept for all value chain, beginning from “Green Product”, “Green Process” and “Green Mind.”

Idea, a premium paper guaranteed by SCG Packaging standard, has three products; Idea Green, Idea Work, Idea Max, enabling consumers to choose the right paper for their different needs.